Attraction Marketing To Generate Leads

Attraction Marketing at a Glance

The owner of a network marketing business needs to make use of attraction marketing to generate leads if he hopes to succeed. The business will need a continuous flow of new prospects to thrive. There are still many network marketing business owners who are utilizing traditional methods of marketing like cold calling, purchasing leads and chasing friends and family and sooner or later many of them eventually give up and leave the business because the methods no longer work.

So how does Attraction Marketing work?

With attraction marketing you become the product. Your focus will be on branding yourself with simple marketing techniques and thereby attract a stream of quality leads to your website or network online. Only then will you be able to promote and sell the business and opportunity. Once you develop a trusting relationship with your subscribers by delivering content and information that addresses their needs you are now in a position to influence their buying decisions. With attraction marketing you compel them to come to you rather than the other way around.

Thankfully, there are a number of free yet powerful resources on the web that you can use to position your message in front of prospects just when they need it. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others attract millions of visitors every single day. You can create a compelling message and have it positioned so that a percentage of the visitors to these sites will have access to your message. You can also use creative ways to add them to your network where you can continue to draw them in with your valuable free information.

Attraction Marketing means high quality leadsattraction marketing

The MLM leads that you generate with attraction marketing are more worthwhile and definitely more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. They are the ones that take their businesses seriously enough to want to invest in themselves and their businesses in order to achieve success. Help them along the way, show them how you have achieved success, and provide value to them without spamming or hustling them into a sale. When you do this you build trust and credibility in the industry.

You can further filter your leads through the use of a lead capture page. Give away a report or a recording, whatever you have available, in exchange for their emails. Set up an autoresponder so that you can continue to communicate valuable information to them until they make a decision to join your team.

Using these strategies for attraction marketing, you will eventually see results in your business.



Internet MLM Lead Generation: Does It Really Work?

Let’s Talk About MLM Lead Generation.

Leads, prospects, customers or future business partners, whatever you call it they’re a crucial part of a successful business. Without them the business would just stagnate and fail. Just like any other business, MLM businesses need leads in order to succeed.

Instead of paying for just a list of possible leads MLM business owners need to find proven ways for MLM lead generation. All it takes is a little work on their part and they could generate hundreds of qualified leads with little or no financial investment.

Using Video For MLM Lead Generation

A few years ago network marketers would have used home parties, cold calling and referrals from friends and family to build their network. Today, network marketing is almost exclusively managed through the internet and with good reason. It is effective and far reaching.mlm lead generation

Video marketing is just one of the ways to market over the internet. Just take a few moments to visit sites like YouTube, Yahoo videos and others and see how many videos are posted there. Then look at the page views and the number of comments on these videos. People go to these videos for entertainment and for information. The best thing about video marketing is that it could be completely free.

Using A Blog For MLM Lead Generation

A blog is a powerful tool that if used in the right way will open the way for communication with a huge number of people within your niche. Some of the most successful blogs are that way because of the value that they provide to their readers who ultimately become subscribers and actively engage in the two way communication that blogging facilitates.

In MLM lead generation the blog will allow for the generation of targeted leads that you can follow up on. It will set you apart as the go to person for your area of expertise if you focus on providing value. Your readers and the problems that they are likely to face should always be the focus of your topics and the result would be a following that you never dreamed possible.

Using the internet for MLM lead generation works when the focus is on providing value. You give, give and give some more and you will receive the rewards of your service. Some people fail at it because they neglect this important point. They only focus on receiving only to find that Internet mlm lead generation just doesn’t work that way.

Exploring Magnetic Sponsoring


What is Magnetic Sponsoring?

Magnetic Sponsoring for many Network Marketers it’s either a way to conduct business or a phrase they just can’t seem to get away from. Since Mike Dillard developed Magnetic Sponsoring and introduced it to the Network Marketing world, he’s practically become a household name (okay maybe I’m exaggerating just a little but you know what I mean).

To oversimplify it, Mike Dillard’s vision for Magnetic Sponsoring can be summed up by calling it “Problem solving Marketing”. What problem is that? It’s the main problem that all Network Marketers have…..recruiting.

Anyone who has a problem, regardless of what that problem is, is quite naturally “attracted” to whoever may have a solution to it. So if you’re a Network Marketer who’s having a problem with recruiting, it follows you will seek the counsel of someone who can help you solve it.

What Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring system does is demonstrate two things: 1. Your target market is actually other Network Marketers and 2. The best way to attract qualified prospects to you is to become someone that has the expertise and leadership need to solve their problems.Magnetic Sponsoring

When you think about that for a minute you can see why it works. The last thing any Network Marketer wants is a sponsor who is either a head hunter who becomes a puff of smoke right after they’ve  received their commission or, someone who is struggling and is just as clueless as they are. The problem of prospecting and recruiting is solved when people seek you out for your expertise.

The basic premise of Magnetic Sponsoring is this:

*     You learn what Attraction Marketing is all about and how to use the internet to attract qualified leads to you rather than chasing them.

*     You learn the ins and outs of the “Funded Proposal System”. Simply put, a Funded Proposal is a means of earning an income that’s not dependent on people joining    your business.

*    You learn about many of the ways you can market yourself online.

*    You learn how to grow and maintain your downline, but most importantly a “following” of people who respect your expertise and leadership

Magnetic Sponsoring and Funded Proposals.

I admit that it’s not hard to think that Magnetic Sponsoring is a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Originally that’s what I thought it was. However, once you look into it a little more, you see that not only does it work, but it’s the best answer for the person who has a “less than advantageous” warm market. Once a person with an ice-cold warm market puts Magnetic Sponsoring into practice, they’ll begin to “attract” people to them who want to build a relationship with and do business with them, thus re-creating their warm market.

Ultimately, Magnetic Sponsoring enables you to do business with people who want to do business with you.

Here’s a great way to make a funded proposal work for you. Research your target market and offer them a really great yet inexpensive product. The prospect who buys your product not only becomes a customer, they become a “lead”. Your job then is to maintain a relationship with them in order to make them a long term repeat customer. Often that means them joining you in your MLM which I’m sure you’ll like. More importantly, they may continue to buy your products or products you recommend. This is how you generate income from your leads whether they join your business or not.

Sharing Information on how to grow and maintain an MLM business is the name of the game. Information on how to use the reach of the Internet can only enhance this because this information is so valuable. It’s being valuable to your target market that makes Magnetic Sponsoring work