Avoiding NGT (Next Great Thing) fever!

Achieving MLM success means getting the idea that being the first to join a new company out of your head RIGHT NOW!

Every time I turn around a new company pops up outta nowhere promising the world to everyone who joins “RIGHT NOW” because only the people at the top make the REAL MONEY.

O.M.(insert explitive here)G PLEASE!

Companies know that it takes about 90 to 120 days for N.G.T euphoria to wear off so in order to get as many people to join them as fast as possible, they’ll tell you anything you want to hear.

Joining a new company is NOT the key to MLM Success and neither is being the first to start marketing it.


If you don’t, you’ll only end up becoming a member of one of the many roving bands of  wanna be network marketers that flop around from company to company every 3 – 4 months as soon as they start to come down off of their high.

Just because a company is new, makes lots of claims about how much money you can make, and seems like it’s on it’s way to being the next AMWAY doesn’t mean it will be.mlm success

How many times are you going to fall flat on your face, flopping around from company to company before you realize that it doesn’t work that way.

Instead of chasing the Next Great Thing, work on your credibility, and your ability to bring value to other Network Marketers.

MLM Success comes from growing your own following, not the downline of some company that probably won’t be around tomorrow.

MLM Success means staying away from N.G.T fever.

Attraction Marketing To Generate Leads


Attraction Marketing at a Glance

The owner of a network marketing business needs to make use of attraction marketing to generate leads if he hopes to succeed. The business will need a continuous flow of new prospects to thrive. There are still many network marketing business owners who are utilizing traditional methods of marketing like cold calling, purchasing leads and chasing friends and family and sooner or later many of them eventually give up and leave the business because the methods no longer work.

So how does Attraction Marketing work?

With attraction marketing you become the product. Your focus will be on branding yourself with simple marketing techniques and thereby attract a stream of quality leads to your website or network online. Only then will you be able to promote and sell the business and opportunity. Once you develop a trusting relationship with your subscribers by delivering content and information that addresses their needs you are now in a position to influence their buying decisions. With attraction marketing you compel them to come to you rather than the other way around.

Thankfully, there are a number of free yet powerful resources on the web that you can use to position your message in front of prospects just when they need it. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others attract millions of visitors every single day. You can create a compelling message and have it positioned so that a percentage of the visitors to these sites will have access to your message. You can also use creative ways to add them to your network where you can continue to draw them in with your valuable free information.

Attraction Marketing means high quality leadsattraction marketing

The MLM leads that you generate with attraction marketing are more worthwhile and definitely more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. They are the ones that take their businesses seriously enough to want to invest in themselves and their businesses in order to achieve success. Help them along the way, show them how you have achieved success, and provide value to them without spamming or hustling them into a sale. When you do this you build trust and credibility in the industry.

You can further filter your leads through the use of a lead capture page. Give away a report or a recording, whatever you have available, in exchange for their emails. Set up an autoresponder so that you can continue to communicate valuable information to them until they make a decision to join your team.

Using these strategies for attraction marketing, you will eventually see results in your business.



Internet Network Marketing – Why Content Is A Crucial Part Of Traffic Building

It might take some time in some cases but newbies to Internet Network Marketing soon realize that they need to get traffic to their website in order to succeed. Once this realization hits, the next question is “How to go about getting consistent traffic to the site?”

There are a number of ways to do this but this article discusses the use of content to explode your traffic and grow your internet business.  If you never considered the use of content as a strategy for building traffic then you need to if you want a steady stream of targeted traffic. If you are not convinced I have listed 5 reasons that should increase your conviction below.

Internet Network marketing – Content Gives Life To The Search Engines

Search engine spiders are constantly in search of unique content. Since they are attracted to fresh new content, if you publish unique articles to your site daily you will ensure that they will crawl your site frequently in search of your new posts. It is quite simple really, more content, more spiders and as a consequence more traffic to your site since the search engines will favor your content and display them in their results.

Internet Network marketing – Good Content Will Bring Repeat Visitors

If your content is informative and provides exactly the information that people in your niche need then they will keep coming back to you for more or your reliable content. This is why it is important to maintain a tight niche rather than go for general information since you can set yourself apart as the go to site for information on your specific topic.

Good Content Attracts and Encourages Visitors To Stay On Your Siteinternet network marketing

If your content is well written and informative, you will attract a horde of visitors who will not only read the content that drew them to your site, but will navigate to other pages as well.

Webmasters Will Link To Your Site If You Provide Good Content

If your site contains lots of good, informative and appealing content you might never have to ask other webmasters to place a link to your site from their own. They will naturally include links to your site in their content if they are discussing a particular topic and want to provide more value to their readers. The result is that you will get a lot of one way backlinks to your site and your traffic will increase as you benefit from the traffic that these webmasters will send your way. Such is the power of good content.

Internet Network marketing – Use Syndicated Content to your Advantage

When you post great content to online article directories they will be picked up and used by other webmasters over and over again. Use links in the resource box or in the content itself to send readers back to an offer or to a squeeze page where you can capture their email addresses so that you could follow up with them later on. Then you can keep sending them to special offers on your site as long as they are subscribed to your list.

So now you have 5 reasons why good content is essential to Internet Network Marketing.

The Zeek Rewards debacle

Zeek rewards -Picking up the pieces when your company falls apart.


Many have heard what’s recent happened with Zeek rewards.
Sadly the “one day here, next day gone” scenario happens quite a lot in the mlm business.
The question becomes, What do you do when your company becomes a puff of smoke?
Well, take it for what it’s worth but here are a few rules I suggest any network marketer live by.

Rule #1 – Suck it up!!

What I mean is simply this: This stuff happens and it happens a lot so one of the first things you need to get in your head right now is that at some point, if it hasn’t happened to you yet…..IT WILL.
One day this really great company that you’ve been singing the praises of will disappear and you will be a homeless Network Marketer.
The first few years of an MLM company are very challenging and most don’t even survive the first year. PERIOD. That’s just the way this business is. Hell, that’s just the way business is in general. So before you email everyone you know about this shiny new company that’s gonna launch soon so “hurry up and get a good position”…………SETTLE DOWN. Fools rush in.

Rule #2 – To hell with company loyalty!!

It’s been my personal experience that mlm companies ask you for your loyalty and even threaten to “terminate your distributorship” if you either affiliate yourself with or cross recruit for another company. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, they’re part owners of or in some way affiliated with multiple companies. So when the company falls apart, you flatline while they lick their wounds and recover.
Please understand that if your success in this business is solely dependent on the success of your company, you’re more than likely doomed.

The people in Zeek Rewards that are at the top of the food chain are NETWORK MARKETERS. So they’ll lick their wounds and very soon they’ll be at the top of the food chain in another company like nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, most of Zeek rewards 20k distributors are DISTRIBUTORS so they’re screwed and if they don’t decide to get out of Network Marketing altogether, they’re back to the drawing board.

Rule #3 – You come first!!zeek rewards

You have to be able to protect yourself from the pitfalls of this business. In order to do that you have to make sure that you generate your OWN INCOME and whatever you make with a company is secondary.
You need to first brand yourself so that you eventually become just as significant as any one company. Second, explore developing your own products and affiliate marketing. This way when a company falls apart, you can still afford that vacation in Italy while you’re pondering which company to join next (That’s if you aren’t starting one of your own…………ooops did I say that?).

Your success in this business depends on your ability to  prepare for war and pray for peace. The only way you can avoid the next “Zeek rewards”  debacle and the ensuing, “OMG, What do I do now?” syndrome, is to know that it’s bound to happen.

Internet MLM Lead Generation: Does It Really Work?

Let’s Talk About MLM Lead Generation.

Leads, prospects, customers or future business partners, whatever you call it they’re a crucial part of a successful business. Without them the business would just stagnate and fail. Just like any other business, MLM businesses need leads in order to succeed.

Instead of paying for just a list of possible leads MLM business owners need to find proven ways for MLM lead generation. All it takes is a little work on their part and they could generate hundreds of qualified leads with little or no financial investment.

Using Video For MLM Lead Generation

A few years ago network marketers would have used home parties, cold calling and referrals from friends and family to build their network. Today, network marketing is almost exclusively managed through the internet and with good reason. It is effective and far reaching.mlm lead generation

Video marketing is just one of the ways to market over the internet. Just take a few moments to visit sites like YouTube, Yahoo videos and others and see how many videos are posted there. Then look at the page views and the number of comments on these videos. People go to these videos for entertainment and for information. The best thing about video marketing is that it could be completely free.

Using A Blog For MLM Lead Generation

A blog is a powerful tool that if used in the right way will open the way for communication with a huge number of people within your niche. Some of the most successful blogs are that way because of the value that they provide to their readers who ultimately become subscribers and actively engage in the two way communication that blogging facilitates.

In MLM lead generation the blog will allow for the generation of targeted leads that you can follow up on. It will set you apart as the go to person for your area of expertise if you focus on providing value. Your readers and the problems that they are likely to face should always be the focus of your topics and the result would be a following that you never dreamed possible.

Using the internet for MLM lead generation works when the focus is on providing value. You give, give and give some more and you will receive the rewards of your service. Some people fail at it because they neglect this important point. They only focus on receiving only to find that Internet mlm lead generation just doesn’t work that way.

4 MLM Secrets You Should Know!

Truthfully, Most MLM Secrets are hardly secrets at all. They’re usually called secrets because so few people are willing to follow them. As in anything else there are some basic principles to achieving success in MLM. They are addressed below.

MLM Secrets – Generate Your Own Leads

Most important of all the MLM Secrets is generating leads. Generating your own leads is like breathing. You base your lead generation campaign and filter your leads on your own requirements and once you do so you will have a responsive list. To do it any other way would be to set yourself up for failure. Do not depend on purchasing generic lists or give your leads away to the MLM company by pointing your traffic to their replicated website.

MLM Secrets – Communication is key.

After all your efforts to generate leads and build your list it is important to communicate often with them. I am not saying that you have to email them every day but you must stay in touch. Invest in a good autoresponder to automate this process of communication. As soon as someone joins your list they will receive a set of valuable preset emails from you. Follow up is important if you want those leads to become part of your team, so don’t neglect it.

Increase the volume of free traffic that you get to your site by optimizing your website for the search engines. SEO or search engine optimization involves several on page and off page factors that are used to rank your sites well in the search engines. Learn the basics of SEO and apply them to your site or hire an SEO company to do it for you. Done well SEO will really increase your traffic and grow the amount of leads that you generate.

MLM Secrets – Provide ValueMLM Secrets

Network marketing Success is all about providing value. You have to focus on giving rather than on getting. The more you give to your list the more they will look to you for the information that they need. Don’t be afraid to show them who you are. Tell them your dreams, your fears and the obstacles that you have to overcome to achieve success in MLM. This will build trust and once they trust you they will feel comfortable being a part of your team.

These 4 MLM Secrets may or may not seem like much but if you put them to good use you will build relationships which is the true essence of network marketing.

MLM Success – Following David Wood

MLM Success – My David Wood Story

One of the things I’ve noticed about successful Network Marketers is that it really doesn’t matter what company they’re affiliated with. In fact, If you follow the movements of any of them you’ll find that every few years or so, many have moved from one company to another. This isn’t an absolute but it does happen.

I had the pleasure of following a gentleman by the name of David Wood. At one point he was with a company called “I Learning Global”.

One day I got an “emergency” email from him. It turns out that Ilearning global had decided that Network Marketing just wasn’t something they wanted to be a part of anymore so they were abandoning it.

Sadly, one of the uglier sides of this business is that many companies use Network Marketing as an inexpensive way to achieve their desired market share. Once they’ve achieved that, by-by Network Marketing.

The interesting thing about David is that he went on to join the Numis Network and within days he was just as successful with them as he’d ever been with Ilearning global.

David is a skilled Internet Marketer. What he did was build a following of people who respected him and consulted with him for his expertise. That expertise is the reason that many of them joined him in his ilearning business, not because it was a great company.

David Wood Maximized the number one thing that all successful Network Marketers need to know. PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE, NOT COMPANIES!

That’s what led to David Being able to go from one company to another and not only remain successful, but go on to become even more successful. There are many that will join whatever company David Wood happens to be with because it’s the best way to work with him.

What you want to think about in your quest for MLM Success is this: Why should anyone join you in your business? If you’re someone who’s just singing the praises of your company then you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Singing the loudest just doesn’t cut it. David Wood’s example teaches us that success in this business is largely based on creating an environment where people want to WORK WITH YOU, not join a company.

Network Marketing Training – You Can’t Depend On A Company To Train You!

Network Marketing Training

Network Marketing Training won’t come from a company!

While this may sound like a bizarre statement to some, I believe it’s true. Network Marketing Training isn’t something you’re going to get from a Network Marketing Company! You may ask, but why not? If you don’t get Network Marketing Training  then you won’t be successful. If you’re not successful then they’re not successful. Before I go on with a further explanation I must preface it by asking this question:

Do you want to learn how to effectively market a given opportunity and its product(s) or do you want to learn an effective framework that will enable you to market ANY opportunity and ANY product?

The answer to that question determines whether you’re a professional Network Marketer or someone who’s bought themselves a job and gets paid solely on commission. THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT!

Network Marketing Training: The truth

Typically, company sponsored Network Marketing Training consists of these things:

  • Opportunity overviews
  • instructions on the use of the back office and other company software
  • How to access the provided marketing materials
  • Operational details like commission schedules and payment arrangements.

Unfortunately most Network Marketing Training comes up short when it comes to what Network Marketers really want to know: How to grow their business.

Here’s the real deal. The quickest and easiest way to get you out there recruiting reps and selling products is to tell you that the product sells itself, so sell to, and recruit from, your group of F.F.L’s (friends, family, and loved ones). Why? Because anything else means dealing with the perception of sales and a significant learning curve, both of which would probably make it extremely difficult for a company to be profitable.

When it comes to selling products the Network Marketer needs to know how to MARKET. How to find the best people to market to, what makes them buy, and how to close the sale.

When it comes to Prospecting the Network Marketer needs to know who the best prospects are, where to find them, the different methods of marketing an opportunity, and how to market the opportunity to them.Network Marketing Training

There are many different methods for doing both and how a network marketer conducts business is often a personal decision. Once they know what works, then they can decide what works best for them. Unfortunately, most can’t ever get to this point because they never get any real training on what actually works.

What’s needed is a system of Network Marketing Training that educates you in the many approaches to marketing Network Marketing Opportunities and how they all work. The framework also must take into consideration the fact that not everything works for everyone. Without that, you’re dead in the water.

Real Network Marketing Training hurts the bottom line.

Network marketing Training means “Training” on how to build (or use) a “Network” that you can “Market”  products and services both to and with. A company can’t provide this kind of training because It would cost way too much and take way too much time. Ultimately, it would take them too long to turn a profit. So they have to keep it simple, make it look easy and hope for the best.

So don’t beat your head into the ground learning from the “school of hard knocks”. If you want to be successful in network marketing, I suggest you get yourself some REAL Network Marketing Training first.



Exploring Magnetic Sponsoring


What is Magnetic Sponsoring?

Magnetic Sponsoring for many Network Marketers it’s either a way to conduct business or a phrase they just can’t seem to get away from. Since Mike Dillard developed Magnetic Sponsoring and introduced it to the Network Marketing world, he’s practically become a household name (okay maybe I’m exaggerating just a little but you know what I mean).

To oversimplify it, Mike Dillard’s vision for Magnetic Sponsoring can be summed up by calling it “Problem solving Marketing”. What problem is that? It’s the main problem that all Network Marketers have…..recruiting.

Anyone who has a problem, regardless of what that problem is, is quite naturally “attracted” to whoever may have a solution to it. So if you’re a Network Marketer who’s having a problem with recruiting, it follows you will seek the counsel of someone who can help you solve it.

What Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring system does is demonstrate two things: 1. Your target market is actually other Network Marketers and 2. The best way to attract qualified prospects to you is to become someone that has the expertise and leadership need to solve their problems.Magnetic Sponsoring

When you think about that for a minute you can see why it works. The last thing any Network Marketer wants is a sponsor who is either a head hunter who becomes a puff of smoke right after they’ve  received their commission or, someone who is struggling and is just as clueless as they are. The problem of prospecting and recruiting is solved when people seek you out for your expertise.

The basic premise of Magnetic Sponsoring is this:

*     You learn what Attraction Marketing is all about and how to use the internet to attract qualified leads to you rather than chasing them.

*     You learn the ins and outs of the “Funded Proposal System”. Simply put, a Funded Proposal is a means of earning an income that’s not dependent on people joining    your business.

*    You learn about many of the ways you can market yourself online.

*    You learn how to grow and maintain your downline, but most importantly a “following” of people who respect your expertise and leadership

Magnetic Sponsoring and Funded Proposals.

I admit that it’s not hard to think that Magnetic Sponsoring is a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Originally that’s what I thought it was. However, once you look into it a little more, you see that not only does it work, but it’s the best answer for the person who has a “less than advantageous” warm market. Once a person with an ice-cold warm market puts Magnetic Sponsoring into practice, they’ll begin to “attract” people to them who want to build a relationship with and do business with them, thus re-creating their warm market.

Ultimately, Magnetic Sponsoring enables you to do business with people who want to do business with you.

Here’s a great way to make a funded proposal work for you. Research your target market and offer them a really great yet inexpensive product. The prospect who buys your product not only becomes a customer, they become a “lead”. Your job then is to maintain a relationship with them in order to make them a long term repeat customer. Often that means them joining you in your MLM which I’m sure you’ll like. More importantly, they may continue to buy your products or products you recommend. This is how you generate income from your leads whether they join your business or not.

Sharing Information on how to grow and maintain an MLM business is the name of the game. Information on how to use the reach of the Internet can only enhance this because this information is so valuable. It’s being valuable to your target market that makes Magnetic Sponsoring work

MLM Success – All Struggling Network Marketers are missing one thing.

MLM Success – You can’t get there without some kind of “system”.

It’s Unfortunate that MLM Success is rarely achieved by most that strive for it. What’s alarming is that it doesn’t have to be this way. When you examine MLM Success closely you’ll find that those who do achieve it all have access to one thing…..a system.

MLM Success – The system is just as important as the product.

Is Windows the best operating system available? NO! Not by a long shot. There’s better software out there. I personally don’t like to use it much but I’m forced to simply because much of the software I use is dependent on it. So how is it that microsoft has experienced such phenomenal success over the others? You got it – a system!

Microsoft has created a system that makes it relatively easy for anyone to have a powerful yet user friendly computer in their home. Their competitors make better “software” but they lack a better “framework” of getting their software into the hands and homes of the average consumer.

Does McDonald’s make the best burgers? NO! Hell, you can make a better burger in your own backyard. But clearly McDonald’s has the best system in the industry. So much so that all you need is some money and an army of broke teenagers and you’re in business.

MLM Success – So what does a “system” mean to you?

MLM SuccessWhen it comes to MLM Success, a system is extremely powerful. Lack of such a system is the main reason one reason why most Network Marketers fail. Conversely, having an effective system is a major reason why successful Network Marketers walk across the stage at the big conventions while you sit in the audience wishing it were you. So make sure finding a system for MLM Success is on top of your to do list.

If it’s true that within six months to five years most businesses end up becoming a puff of smoke, it’s also true that of the 10% that are left, most had access to an effective system.

Most people get into Network Marketing because they believe it has a system that will help them achieve success. Sadly, this is far from the truth. Typically, the methods Network Marketers learn are outdated and only worked for very few anyway.

So whether you’d love to quit your day job or you don’t have one at all there’s one thing you must know. If your business of choice is Network Marketing, like any other business you absolutely must have a system for MLM Success. If you don’t you’re almost guaranteed to end up in the 90% category.

MLM SuccessIf you follow the advice of Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki, and decide to get into Network Marketing please understand that a Network Marketing Opportunity and a system for MLM Success don’t necessarily go hand in hand. So here’s what you must do after you get excited about the super juice that cures high blood pressure, diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Find a system, work the system, reap the rewards. That’s the road to becoming a MLM success and quitting your day job.